2022 Agenda

23rd February 2022

8:30 am
Registration, Refreshments and Networking
9:15 am
Chair’s Opening Remarks
9:25 am
Ministerial Keynote: Developing Counter Fraud Capability and Continuous Improvement within the Public Sector
9:45 am
Panel Discussion: From Reactive to Proactive: Learning Lessons from Covid-19
  • Overview of the scale and impact of Covid related economic crime across the public sector and how departments are responding with agility to a rapidly changing external environment  
  • Cracking down on criminals exploiting UK government support schemes by spotting technological deficiencies, reviewing internal capabilities, and creating cross government infrastructure  
  • Understanding how best practice across the public sector is shaping government counter fraud framework and internal culture 
Neil Green
Neil Green
Deputy Director, Counter Fraud and Investigations
Government Internal Audit Agency
10:20 am
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10:40 am
Morning Break, Refreshments and Networking
11:10 am
Panel Discussion: The Future Shape of Fraud and Cyber Enabled Crime
  • Examining the most common threat vectors and the impact of cyber security breaches, on the public sector, post Covid-19  
  • Developing effective approaches to cyber security and the technical and governanceprocesses that organisations have in place to identify and manage cyber risks  
  • Discussing what organisations need to do to plan for to ensure they are resilient to future uncertainties   
  • Increasing public awareness and encouraging more reporting through joint action work with private and public partners 


11:40 am
Countering Fraud in the NHS
  • A review of the NHSCFA 2020-2023 strategy: Where are we?   
  • Recent successes against Covid-19 related fraud 
  • Developing a system wide approach to protect £33.9 billion in extra funding and ensuring fraud prevention is in built across all parts of the NHS  
  • Breaking down the barriers between NHS organisations and encouraging greater sharing of information  
12:00 pm
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12:25 pm
Seminar Sessions
1:05 pm
Lunch Break and Networking
2:05 pm
Seminar Sessions
2:35 pm
Panel Discussion: Quality Assurance Guidance: Grant Fraud
  • Advice and guidance on how to mitigate the risk of grant fraud  
  • Developing a post-event assurance process to ensure funding is used for it’s intended purpose  
  • Taking a risk-based approach to due diligence and designing stronger controls and exploitable weakness out of internal processes  
3:00 pm
Demystifying Prosecution: Meeting the Evidential Burden
  • Overview of the CPS Economic Crime Strategy Aims and Outcomes 
  • Understanding the role and approach of the CPS in deciding whether to prosecute 
  • Best practice guidance to ensure that case management and disclosure requirements are complied with fairly and properly  
3:20 pm
Afternoon Break, Refreshments and Networking
3:50 pm
Data and Intelligence
Stream Sponsor
Stream Sponsor
4:05 pm
Data and Intelligence
Panel: The Value of Open-Source Intelligence in the Fight Against Fraud


  • Detailing how intelligence is shared in collaboration with the Government Agencies Intelligence Network (Gain) as part of ongoing integrity and enforcement work  
  • Understanding the limitations of information powers and how to circumvent this  
  • Using open domain information creatively and examining the impact on disclosure
Panel: Where are all the Investigators, Disclosure officers, and Data Specialists?


  • An overview of how technological change is shaping the needs of the counter fraud profession  
  • Sharing public sector wide development successes and the factors that have been critical in mitigating the talent, intelligence, and skills gap  
  • Practical steps to improve diversity and inclusion in Fraud  
  • Creating a robust training programme to develop anti-fraud capability across the public sector
4:35 pm
Data and Intelligence
Case Study: Building Good Data Sources

Building in house capability to analyse data and using python requests to detect anomalies in financial transactions  

Case study: To fight fraud, Start with Culture

Learn how organisational culture is playing a role in enabling detection, mitigation, and prevention of financial fraud and misconduct at Cancer Research UK

4:55 pm
Closing Remarks

5-6 pm Counter Fraud Awards 2022

We would like to start 2022 on a positive note by recognising the incredible achievements of those working in Counter Fraud.

The new Public Sector Counter Fraud awards, in collaboration with the Government Counter Fraud Profession, will be a perfect way to reward those who have demonstrated commitment to the task in hand and shown the spirit of innovation, great team work or going the extra mile to create better outcomes for the citizen in our national fight against fraud.

We look forward to you joining us for this award ceremony, where the winners will be revealed.