Public Sector Counter Fraud Awards Sponsors

Awards Sponsors

The 2nd annual Public Sector Counter Fraud awards are the perfect way to reward those who have demonstrated commitment to the task in hand and shown the spirit of innovation, dedication and great teamwork to create better outcomes for citizens in our national fight against fraud. Here are the leading solution providers sponsoring the annual awards!

Submit an Award!

There are eight different categories to nominate for the Public Sector Counter Fraud Awards 2022, in collaboration with the Government Counter Fraud Profession, each one specifically designed to reward hard-workers, innovators and exceptional leaders across the public sector.

Entering the Awards is free of charge, and consists of answering 4 different questions with as much detail as you can. Nominations are open to all organisations within the public sector – from local and central government to NHS, charities and NGOs. Celebrate your colleagues, your organisation and your industry by putting someone forward.

Please read each entry criteria carefully before you start your nomination below. The closing date for entries is 3rd February 2022.