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Lyn McDonald

Director Fraud, Error, Debt and Grants Government Functions - Cabinet Office

Lyn Mcdonald (OBE) is Director of the Cabinet Office’s Fraud, Error, Debt and Grants (FEDG) team. This team, at the centre for government, leads the functions by being a centre of expertise in each area, setting standards and assuring performance. They are helping secure reductions in losses from fraud, bringing in previously unpaid debt and ensuring efficient and effective use of the annual £115bn grant expenditure. Lyn has been a career civil servant, spending 16 years as a Tax Inspector specialising in International Tax and investment banking. She then moved to the Department for Work and Pensions and among other achievements conceived, delivered and led the multiple award winning Tell Us Once service. She moved to the Cabinet Office in 2012 where she led the first ever review of government grants spend, leading to delivery of the grants programme and the first ever specialist financial policy team for Grants. She led a Prime Minister’s review of Fraud and Error and then also took on responsibility for the Debt team in 2015.