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Mark Sutcliffe

Head of Fraud and Debt Sharing - Cabinet Office

Mark is currently Head of Fraud and Debt Data Sharing in the Cabinet Office’s Fraud, Error Debt and Grants team. Mark has a remit to develop use of the wide-ranging fraud and debt data sharing powers enabled by the 2017 Digital Economy Act. His team supports public authorities in their use, especially through the Fraud and Debt Review Board approvals process, which his team coordinates. Mark is working to improve public authority understanding use of the opportunities for countering fraud that come from the Digital Economy Act.

Mark is on loan from HMRC where he worked most recently in the Data Management Office, an area responsible for delivering HMRC’s data strategy and for improving data exploitation. Mark led the Front Door function for managing requests for HMRC data. This supported and developed HMRC’s strategy to improve exploitation of HMRC data across government. Data shares were established across diverse areas to support reducing fraud, improving access to social security and justice and to enable more informed policy making. A success from this was in enabling provision of HMRC data for a number of current Digital Economy Act fraud and debt pilots. Over the preceding 20 years since joining the Civil Service, Mark has led projects to develop better data exploitation and acquisition mainly in counter-fraud. Successes include doubling the effectiveness of front-line error and fraud detection for new claims for tax credits and the introduction of a new national case management system needed to enable a tenfold increase in tax credits compliance work.