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Kevin Davies

Chief Investigator
Serious Fraud Office (confirmed)

Kevin is the SFO’s Chief Investigator and a member of its Executive Group. As Chief Investigator, Kevin advises on investigative strategy and oversees the investigatory phases of the SFO’s casework. He is also Head of Profession for investigators, responsible for the SFO’s Intelligence Division, Professional Standards, security and is the SFO’s Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO). Kevin’s investigatory experience spans more than 35 years during which time he has directed and superintended major criminal investigations into the most serious and sophisticated crimes perpetrated by organised crime groups,  sensitive investigations relating to export controls and corruption investigations. He has senior leadership experience across a wide range of disciplines including economic crime, money laundering, drugs and firearms trafficking, intelligence and anti-crime policy development. Before joining the SFO in 2012, he was HMRC’s  Assistant Director for Organised Crime with responsibility for delivering the departments’ proceeds of crime strategy, coordinating its strategic response to organised crime threats and its strategic engagement with law enforcement partners in relation to financial crime – nationally and overseas. Prior to this he was variously, HMRC’s Assistant Director with operational responsibility for money laundering, asset recovery, export control breaches, complex VAT fraud and drug trafficking.