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Andrew Lawrence

Senior Legal Officer
Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department (Confirmed)

Andrew Lawrence is a senior legal officer at the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department.  He is currently responsible for formulating and maintaining Commonwealth fraud control policy and is considered the government expert in this area, leading government outreach and engagement.  His recent achievements include developing and implementing the current Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework, creating and implementing a whole-of-government fraud awareness training package and leading legislative reforms on information sharing currently before the Australian Parliament.  He has been a lawyer in the department for over ten years and has previously worked in areas dealing with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing, law enforcement powers, firearms, cybercrime, federal offender management and copyright.

  • An overview of public sector fraud in Australia and related risks
  • Understanding governance arrangements related to the Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework
  • Discovering various fraud prevention initiatives: Active Pressure Testing, Identity Checking and Organisational Behavioural Assessments
  • Improving cross jurisdictional engagement and information sharing and building capabilities in agencies to deal with significant fraud

  • Exploring the development of counter fraud products;
  • Sharing best practice between the UK and other public sector international forum partners and;
  • Analysing the challenges that face public sector fraud departments in different countries.