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DCI Gary Miles

SCO7 Organised Crime Command, FALCON (Fraud & Linked Crime Online)
Metropolitan Police (Confirmed)

Gary has been a Police Officer for over 31 years, over 20 of these have been spent within the Detective specialism. He has spent over 10 years within the Fraud and Cybercrime arena and have been responsible for the investigation of some of the most complex offences that have been committed during that time.  In 2009 he was responsible for the creation of Amberhill, the MPS’ response to false documents and Identity crime. In 2014 he was part of the team responsible for the creation of the MPS FALCON (Fraud and Linked Crime Online) team and initially held management responsibility for the newly created hubs and the Fraud squad. He has recently taken responsibility for the prevention teams who are key to delivering activities to both help victims and tackle offenders of this ever increasing crime type.

Representatives from City of London Police, the Metropolitan Police and the National Crime Agency will discuss the current landscape and share their thoughts on effective strategies to tackle fraud and cyber crime.

  • Assessing the Economic Crime Reform and understanding what role law enforcement will play;
  • How have cyber security breaches evolved and driving the shift to a proactive defense strategy;
  • Analysing the impact of identity fraud and minimising organisational impact once these attacks occur;
  • Building partnerships across all government agencies and the private sector;
  • Preparing for the next wave of disruptive technology and sophisticated threats and understanding how these will affect cyber security;
  • Finding the right balance between prevention and detection versus crisis response capabilities;
  • Protecting vulnerable victims of cyber crime;
  • How can legislative and policy changes improve response to cyber threat?