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Paul Barton

Head of Counter Fraud Policy, Engagement and Assurance
Cabinet Office (confirmed)

Paul is currently Head of Counter Fraud Policy, Engagement and Assurance.  As part of the Counter Fraud Centre of Expertise, he leads a team that gathers fraud data from Public Sector departments, assures departments performance against counter fraud standards and supports departments in developing their strategies and counter fraud plans. Prior to joining Cabinet Office Paul was Assistant Director leading a branch of Criminal Investigators in Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), investigating and prosecuting fiscal crime. He started his career as a uniformed Officer in HM Customs and Excise and has had a long and successful career as a civil servant, mainly involved in Law Enforcement activity.  He spent a number of years involved in the Training discipline and has developed a passion for learning that has resulted in several qualifications including accreditation as an Executive Coach.  During this period he had a role as Head of International Training, leading a large team of trainers with expertise in drugs interdiction and carrying out Training Needs Analysis in drugs transit and source countries. Paul has extensive international experience. He led on the development of European training initiatives with Member States and developed bilateral training arrangements with France, Germany and Finland.  As a qualified practitioner in Capacity Building he has carried out missions in several countries on behalf of the World Customs Organisation (WCO), to assess Customs authorities against WCO standards around security of the supply chain.  As an Assistant Director in Fraud Investigation Service of HMRC he was a member of the Organised Crime Partnership Board (OCPB) and led the development of Partnership Agreements with Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), Assistant Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and Border Force.  This key piece of work led to protocols for sharing resources and prioritising Organised Crime targets. Paul is a member of the United Kingdom delegation to the International Public Sector Fraud Forum.

  • How we have developed the Counter Fraud Function and the development of measures and initiatives to tackle the problem of fraud in the Public Sector.

  • Exploring the development of counter fraud products;
  • Sharing best practice between the UK and other public sector international forum partners and;
  • Analysing the challenges that face public sector fraud departments in different countries.