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Sue Frith

Chief Executive Officer
NHS Counter Fraud Authority (confirmed)

Sue is the Chief Executive Officer of the NHSCFA, responsible for leading the organisation in its work to identify, prevent and investigate fraud in the NHS in England. Sue has extensive operational and policy experience in the public and policing sectors. Her previous roles have been Head of the National Investigation Service and Deputy Head of security management at NHS Protect. Sue has a successful track record of leading transformational change and getting results by delivering opportunities for teams and individuals to give their best to deliver organisational objectives. Sue is a member of the Cabinet Office Professionals Board. 

  • Leading the fight against fraud affecting the NHS and the wider health service and protecting vital resources intended for patient care through intelligence, investigations, fraud prevention, standards, staff, organisational development, communications, digitalisation and technology.
  • Developing counter-fraud campaigns which engage with the wider workforce and promoting counter-fraud messages and practices to raise awareness of fraud, bribery and corruption in the NHS and to serve as a deterrent to those planning to take advantage of the NHS.